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Marin Balavihar

The Marin Balavihar exists to educate children and youth of the Indian American community in Marin County about the diverse cultures and religions of the Indian Subcontinent.

In Marin Balavihar, the cultural heritage of India is taught through stories, arts and crafts, games and discussion. Children are also taught bhajans (songs) and shlokas (prayers).

Membership to BalaVihar

Please join the Marin MIAA BigTent group ( see the bottom of the page) and choose to be a member of the Balavihar subgroup after joining. After your membership is approved you will receive all emails and updates regarding BalaVihar.

Balavihar Lower School  (for ages 4-9) will start on Sunday Sept 30th for 2012-2013 session.  There are many new changes for the upcoming year, and we are excited to have so much support from our current and new families to make this a success.

The classes will be every 2 weeks starting Sept 30th. The time will be 9:30-10:30 am.

The location is at Hamilton Community Center (503 S Palm Dr , Novato 94949).

The themes for the year are Festivals of India and Values within Hinduism (through story-telling). There are two shlokahs and 1 bhajan assigned for each half of the year.

Each session will have an assigned parent volunteer along with a student teacher. We have 3 high school student teachers who are very excited to participate and are familiar with the material.

We ask each family to volunteer for at least one session over the school year. The volunteer is responsible for preparing the presentation and activity for that assigned week. A short homework assignment will be assigned for each class as well.

Each class will be divided into 15-20 min for the main theme discussion and/or video, 15-20 min for an activity and story, and 15-20 min to review shlokas/bhajans and arthi.

Each family will be provided a folder with the basic curriculum for the class at the start of the session.

The fee will be similar to prior years. We will collect this at the first session. The fee covers the room rental and materials. One parent is requested to stay with their children. There is no drop off option.

This is a work in progress, and we need all of your ideas and creativity to continue to make Balavihar a fun and interesting way to teach our children.

Note: Marin MIAA BigTent group is set up as medium to communicate any information related to MIAA. We would appreciate your help in making sure this group and related email address is not used for any business or commercial promotions. If you are looking to promote your business then you should consider sponsoring Marin Utsav which is held during March/April every year. Sponsoring an event is the most effective way of getting visibility for your business. We appreciate your help and cooperation.

Chat and Chai

‘Chat and Chai’ also called Senior Teas are held at member homes every four-six weeks to give seniors in our community an opportunity to socialize and plan for other gatherings. Visiting parents and friends are always welcome.

Please email Cynda Vyas cyndavyas@gmail.com if you would like to join the next Chat and Chai.